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Networking With Partners

We work with a team of professionals who keep us at the game of environmental conservation. Every year we get together and share experiences, skills and new mind-captivating ideas that enable us move forward.

How We Do It

We dry our carbonized briquette using our environmentally sustainable solar driers and pack them in affordable 25kg packs.

What We Do

We manufacture briquette from agricultural waste like palm kernel husks; Rice husks; Coffee husks; and maize cobs to obtain an efficiently cheap source of fuel that completely replaces charcoal and firewood


Green Charcoal Uganda ensures constant innovation to be in line with the efficiency of the briquette it produces so that we produce briquettes that have the same high quality caloric values far much superior to charcoal or
firewood. We do this using the abundantly available agricultural wastes.

What We Produce

We produce Non Carbonized briquettes to meet the demand of our institutions and light industries. It completely replaces firewood from their menu of kitchen fuel.

Our Network

We work with a network of like-minded people who ensure that the environment in and around the world is conserved.